Especificações do Fabricante - i-STAT 1 IA, Abbott Laboratories

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i-STAT® 1 IA

DIMENSIONS235 (H) x 72(W) x 77 (D) mm
WEIGHT(including batteries) 0·635 kg
Consumable presentation (Roche Diagnostics)Single-use disposable cartridges containing reagents, sensors & waste chamber
Manual QC (INFORMATION)Aqueous QC monitoring available on Central
Analysis time: (Roche Diagnostics)Blood gases & chemistry 120 - 160 seconds cTnI 10 minutes
Average measurement cycle time: Sample entry: (INFORMATION)144 seconds dispensed from syringe or capillary into sample well plus capillary action
Sample volume: (INFORMATION)16 - 95 μL dependent on cartridge type
Waste system (Roche Diagnostics)Collection into closed waste chamber within each cartridge; immediate disposal following use
Analyser software Information entry: (Roche Diagnostics)soft keypad, bar code scan
Printed reports: (Roche Diagnostics)limited customisation
Maintenance contract and warranty (INFORMATION)Single level, loaned replacement for faulty analyser
Warranty: Measured analytes: (INFORMATION)1 year up to 17
Calculated parameters: (Roche Diagnostics)Glucose testing strips usable on same platform up to 7
Temperature corrected parameters: (Roche Diagnostics)up to 3
POWER SUPPLYBarometric pressure sensor determines ambient atmospheric pressure which is used for pO2 sensor calibration.
External software/connections Computer interface: (Roche Diagnostics)device and reporting interfaces conform to POCT 1-A standard [29].
Connectivity system: (Roche Diagnostics)Central Data Station
Features and facilities
Consumables (Features and facilities)• 15 cartridge types each measuring 1 - 8 analytes in different combinations. For cartridge details please see table ‘Analyte
QC☺ Internal electronic simulator test automatically activated according to customised frequency, monitored on-board.
Result reliability (Features and facilities)☺ The analyser can be set to lockout sample analysis if internal/external electronic simulator tests fail. (To avoid wastage, a loaded
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Gasômetro, Abbott Laboratories, i-STAT 1 IA
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