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MODELSunTech 247
: - Patient population: Adult and pediatric patients (age 3 and above)
: - Method of measurement: Oscillometric
: - Initial inflation pressure: 160mmHg +/- 20mmHg
: - Blood pressure range (mmHg): Blood pressure range (mmHg)
: - Blood pressure accuracy: Measurements determined with this device are equivalent to those obtained by a trained observer using the cuff/stethoscope auscultation method, within the limits prescribed by the American National Standard, Electronic or automated sphygmomanometers.
: - Blood pressure determination time: 35-40 seconds typical for Adult cuff
: - Heart rate range: 30-200 bpm +/- 2% or +/- 3 bpm, whichever is greater
: - Temperature range: 86 deg F (30.0 deg C) – 109.4 deg F (43.0 deg C)
: - Temperature accuracy: +/- 0.2 deg F (+/-0.1 deg C)
: - Functional oxygen saturation range: 40-100%
: - Functional oxygen saturation accuracy: 70-100% +/- 2 digits (Note: because pulse oximeter equipment measurements are statistically distributed, only about two-thirds of pulse oximeter equipment measurements can be expected to fall within +/- 2 digits of the value measured by a CO-oximeter.)
: - Operating conditions: 10 deg C (50 deg F) to 40 deg C (104 deg F) Less than 95% RH
: - Storage conditions: -20 deg C (-4 deg F) to 50 deg C (122 deg F) Less than 95% RH
: - Power: External power supply for non-battery version: Globtek model: GTM21089-1506-T3 (SunTech part number: 19-0013-00). External power supply for Battery version, rechargeable by Globtek model: GTM21089-1509-T3 (SunTech part number 19-0014-00)
: - Calibration: Check once per year for BP and Temperature
: - Safety systems: Independent hardware over-pressure circuit and redundant software overpressure algorithm to limit cuff pressure to less than 330 mmHg. Independent hardware timing circuit and redundant software timer algorithm to limit the duration of a blood pressure cycle to less than 180 seconds.
: - Dimensions: Length = 5.5 inches, Height = 11.5 inches, Width = 3.8 inches; Length =14.0 cm, Height = 29.2 cm, Width = 9.7 cm
: - Standards: UL60601-1, CAN/CSA C22.2 601-1, IEC 60601-1, IEC 60601-1-2 (EMC), IEC 60601-1-4, ISO 9919, AAMI SP10:2002, ASTM E 1112, EN 12470-3. Meets “Non-invasive Sphygmomanometers — General Requirements & Supplementary Requirements for Electro-Mechanical BP Measuring Systems”, EN 1060-1, EN 1060-3
: - Classification: Protection against electric shock: Class II (for non-battery version), Internally Powered Equipment (for battery version); Applied parts: Type BF; Mode of operation: Continuous
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Monitor de Pressão Sanguínea, Suntech, 247
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