Especificações do Fabricante - 340, Sequoia-Turner

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A single-beam instrument that offers reliability and simple operation, performance, accuracy, and high resolution are built into this instrument, obtain read out in absorbance 0.000-1.99A or % transmittance 0-100% on the LED display, a plane diffraction grating, ruled at 600 lines/mm, with sine bars mechanism in an f/7 Ebert mounting and first surface reflective optics provide a continuous wave-length range of 330-1000nm, a narrow bandwidth of 8nm provides high resolution.
Wavelength accuracy ±2nm and precision ±0.5nm
Photometric linearity 1% and precision 0.2%
Low stray light 0.1% typical at 340nm
Power requirements 100-120/220-240V, 50/60Hz, 75W.
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